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How To Become A Hypnotic Copywriter

If you like words, you’re probably an avid reader. In which case, I have a challenge for you: I dare you to tell me what your favorite book is! There, there. I know it’s hard to pick one. But think of the one book that you’d read over and over again, the one that keeps your … Continue reading

Exclusivity. Enthusiasm. Ego.

Give the customers what they want, respond to customers’ need, please your customer, and your business will thrive on social buzz. Not once have I heard all these things, but a million, a trillion, a gazillion times even. And it’s such an old way of thinking business and product communications. Not saying it’s not working … Continue reading

Perez Hilton’ s Blog. A Successful Story

How to build a blog? A successful one. All of us copywriters out there who dream of making an honest buck out of our passion have asked ourselves this, probably several times since we started out our writing adventure. Unfortunately, these days, it’s not all about the talent or passion for writing. Sure, you can … Continue reading

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