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THE 7 Tips To Make Your Writing Hypnotic

7 tips hypnoticI’ll get straight to point with this one. I know you’re all dying to know what those ‘7 tips to make your writing hypnotic’ are.

For those of you who are wondering what ‘hypnotic writing’ is, go to my blog about How to become a hypnotic copywriter.

Okay, are you all set? Here we go:

1.  Always use the active voice. By using the active voice, you’ll make your sentences shorter and  catch your reader’s attention faster. For example: A bee stung me (active). vs. I was stung by a bee (passive). See my point? Oh, and passive voice is boring. Don’t you think?

2.  Edit down – the right way. Don’t publish or send out your copy right after you’ve finished writing it. Take a break and come back to it after at least 10 minutes to remove the spare words. The first draft of any writing piece is always full of needless words, long sentences and paragraphs. Now that you’ve cleared your mind during the break, you should be able to spot them. By editing your copy in the right way you can create a snappy, seamless read for your audience. Here are some basic editing tips:

  • a.       find simple synonyms for some of the more sophisticated words
  • b.      split your long phrases into short sentences
  • c.      don’t forget about the ‘no-nos’ in punctuation: if you have too many commas in a sentence, consider revising it. Also, avoid “…” as much as possible.

More editing tips in a later blog 😉

3.  Keep it fresh. The more times you repeat an idea, the better and longer it will stick with your readers. But repeating the same words over and over again will most likely make you look bad – i.e. like you really need to improve your vocabulary. What to do? Express that same idea in new way. Example: you’re writing a cooking blog about a new recipe you recommend your readers to cook for get-together parties. Don’t say: ‘this is a delicious, easy-to-do dish that you and your friends will love.’ Say: ‘it’s so delicious that your friends will devour it in less than the few minutes it took you to cook it.’ The line is a few words longer than the first one but in some cases, it’s worth making an exception. Especially if you can paint a quick picture about what you’re trying to sell. Literally. Which leads me to the next tip:

4.  Use words to craft mental pictures. Have you ever heard a funny story from one of your friends that made you picture the entire scene? For example: how they went skinny dipping and they lost all their clothes so they had to come back home naked. Think of your friends’ stories when you write your copy. You can create mental pictures just by using words. These pictures will help your readers to easily connect with your blog/product/whatever you want to sell them and remember it. Use words like ‘Imagine,’ ‘Think of,’ ‘Picture yourself.’ Idioms are also useful, but make sure you don’t overuse them. Additional tip: mental pictures work wonders with product benefits; just try and make your readers picture themselves using your product and think of how they can benefit from it. 

5.  Promise your readers you’ll share something really important with them. Later. Remember I promised you I’ll give you more editing tips in a later blog? Well, stay tuned!

6.  Be enthusiastic about what you’re writing and your readers will be too. We can learn a thing or two about enthusiasm from Perez Hilton’s copywriting tricks.

7.  It’s all about the reader. Craft your sentences around ‘you’ not ‘I’ or ‘we.’ Speak to your readers and engage them in a dialogue. Ask them open questions to which they cannot answer simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ (example: ‘How to write hypnotic copy?’), and try to anticipate their questions or objections (example: ‘Not easy, you say. Well…’).

So here you are: THE tips on how to write hypnotic copy. Will you give them a try? 


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2 thoughts on “THE 7 Tips To Make Your Writing Hypnotic

  1. These are great tips! Now I understand what I do wrong, and what I need to fix.

    Can’t wait for the next ones!


    Posted by AdinaA | March 7, 2013, 12:58 pm
  2. Really glad you find these tips useful! Stay tuned! 😉

    Posted by emischa | March 7, 2013, 8:35 pm

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