About Me

Welcome to my Wordcraft Studio.

A little bit about me: I like films, music, books, photography, design – all things quirky and artsy –… and obviously, I like to write. I’ve been in this copywriting biz for a couple of years now, and I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about wordsmithing, engaging copy and how great words can actually change behaviours. Add some SEO copywriting and content marketing to the list, and I’m ready to share my writing experience with all of you aspiring copywriters and why not, experienced writers, through writing tips and tricks, techniques, case studies and more. Opinions and constructive criticism will be very much welcome.

But even though writing compelling copy will be my main focus point, don’t be surprised if I slip in posts about other things I love and find inspirational – yes, the quirky and artsy things I mentioned earlier. So feel free to visit this blog, even if writing isn’t exactly your strong point. More so if you it turns out that we have common passions. And if you want to share your passion and talent with the world, hopefully this blog will help you find the right words to reach the right people.

Inspirational, educational, informative – that’s what I want this blog to become. Not only for all of you who seek inspiration and the nudge to become the writer/artist in you, but for me as well. Please, feel free to contribute to it by sharing any ideas, any beautiful pieces of writing or art that you find inspiring, and tell your story.




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