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The Comma Manifesto: How Commas Save Lives

Is it Let’s eat grandpa! or Let’s eat, grandpa!? I always say: Let’s give grandpa a chance! Recently, I had an exchange of opinions with a colleague about… (wait for it!) the importance of commas and comma placement in a sentence. Since I’m writing about it, the topic obviously gave me food for thought. For … Continue reading

How To Write For Email, Social, And The Web [The Copywriting Cheat Sheet]:

Times have changed a lot for marketing copywriters. (I’m expecting an ironic ‘Really?’ from all of you.) Writing simple sales letters seems so… how many years ago? There are so many ways to reach potential customers now, and so many different communication channels, that writing just one piece of communication for all of them just … Continue reading

3 Tips To Write Out The Product Benefits That Sell

In a previous post, I was telling you about the Feature vs. Benefits dilemma that many marketing people are still struggling with. Hopefully, you’re not one of them. But even if you know exactly what the difference between the two is, how can you make sure you’re writing out the right product benefits – the … Continue reading

THE 7 Tips To Make Your Writing Hypnotic

I’ll get straight to point with this one. I know you’re all dying to know what those ‘7 tips to make your writing hypnotic’ are. For those of you who are wondering what ‘hypnotic writing’ is, go to my blog about How to become a hypnotic copywriter. Okay, are you all set? Here we go: … Continue reading

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